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In Their Words

“I am incredibly grateful for the changes that are coming about in my life. The words certain and capable are ones I now wear on a daily basis. I’ve gained the courage to make some significant changes in my life, not needing permission from anyone. I seem to be less afraid to make a mistake - open to the possibility that something great is about to happen simply because I’ve learned how to allow it.”


“Thank you for inquiring how I am doing with Mastering Alchemy. There is a constant peace inside of me. I noticed it last week. I actually sat here in my living room trying to figure out what was different. I think I was even looking for something to worry about, or be ashamed of. I even said out loud to myself. I think this feeling is from playing with MA.”


“I started feeling very calm, collected and experiencing life around me with wonder. Between sleep and awake state early in the morning I lay in bed and the dream I am having continues. Looking forward to the continuation of our journey.”