Trust in Yourself

Prerequisite: Level 2 Complete

The Mastering Alchemy work has evolved over the last many years and has been altered, accelerated, and enhanced to meet each expansion of the “Shift of Consciousness.” Your Level 2 classmates and the those before you brought the eighth Ray of Creation and the El Shaddai into stronger geometric configurations. This allows for more of the third-dimensional limiting beliefs to now be cleared from your space and humanity. Everything you've learned to date will be built upon and expanded.

Experiences to Look Forward To

  • Work with the second Triad and the Golden Liquid Light

    Clear the last of the 3D residues held within the lower chakras and the patterns that don’t let you believe, allow and trust in yourself. Experience “Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh” - I AM that I AM.

  • Know yourself as the individual expression of the Creator

    Use the Cube for creating and draw awareness from the Universal Mind and the Earth Star. Begin to use the Icosahedron and magnetic fields of the tenth Ray to draw the non-physical to you.

  • Begin to alter the density within your physicality

    Utilize sound templates to revitalize the lower four chakras and align the lower four chakras within the Unified Field. Discover the Five Elements and using the Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green Color Coding.

What's Included

Each week is full of energy, building upon the previous week.

  • Integration Exercises & Applications

    50 weekly sessions of guided energy exercises, lessons, and audio recordings for online listening. Listen in to conversations between Jim and the Teachers of Light.

  • Q&A Calls

    Join Jim in live Q&A calls (about every 6 weeks) to ask questions about the coursework and get help when you're stuck (we all get stuck sometimes). All calls are recorded for later online listening.

  • Learning Community

    Enjoy connecting with fellow students to ask questions, sharing experiences, and play together. Many of the small groups that form stay friends for life!

Course curriculum

online listening

    1. Level 3 Course Logistics

    1. Live Q&A Call Details

    1. Session Overview

    2. Message from Uriel (16:42)

    3. Energy Exercise (32:40)

    4. Kuthumi (43:50)

    5. Complete Class (01:12:03)

    6. Track 1 (36:54)

    7. Track 2 (21:57)

    8. Track 3 (13:12)

    9. Q&A Complete Call (1:13:36)

    10. Welcome from Jim

    1. Session Overview

    2. Kuthumi (26:02)

    3. Complete Class (01:02:49)

    4. Track 1 (07:21)

    5. Track 2 (21:35)

    6. Track 3 (33:54)

    1. Session Overview

    2. Metatron (32:50)

    3. Complete Class (01:18:28)

    4. Track 1 (15:59)

    5. Track 2 (27:43)

    6. Track 3 (19:08)

    7. Track 4 (11:04)

    1. Session Overview

    2. Zadkiel (30:16)

    3. Complete Class (54:19)

    4. Track 1 (10:40)

    5. Track 2 (43:54)

    6. Another Success Story