Enter the 7 layers of the Lightbody

Prerequisite: Level 4 Complete

53 more weeks! You've played together with us for several years and this work has become well anchored into your daily practice and your life. It may not have always been easy, but it certainly has been transformative. You are not the same person as you were three years ago! Do you agree? You've made some incredible changes and have joined with others to assist in uplifting humanity and the planet. You have accomplished much. The work now has one focus ... Your ascension!

What You'll Experience

All seven layers of the Lightbody will be activated.

  • Activate the Ze and Ze-on particles

    Remove separation, powerlessness, and victim using these new tools. See, hear, and sense through the Eye of Horus. Work with intention in the etheric and physical thymus.

  • Activate and wear the Arc of the Covenant

    Bring in the Undifferentiated Light and alter the pituitary gland. Release disappointment. The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh strands of DNA and work with the Holy Spirit tetrahedron.

  • Merge your Soul, Oversoul, Christed Oversoul, Soul-Spirit

    Bridge the eighth, ninth and tenth chakras and build two-way communication between cells. Looping with the Christed Mind and bridge the eighth, ninth, tenth chakras.

Course curriculum

online listening

    1. Welcome to our next year together

    2. Level 5 Course Logistics

    3. Level 5 Index (out of present time)

    1. Live Call Details

    1. Session Overview

    2. Complete Class (01:18:37)

    3. Track 1 (12:03)

    4. Track 2 (51:21)

    5. Track 3 (14:39) Melchizedek

    6. Track 4 (00:33)

    7. Conversation with Melchizedek (28:02)

    8. Q&A with Previous Class (01:23:41)

    1. Session Overview

    2. Early Morning Message from Metatron

    3. Meridian System

    4. Acupuncture Meridians Chart

    5. Conversation with Melchizedek (46:23)

    6. Complete Class (01:08:16)

    7. Track 1 (15:08)

    8. Track 2 (35:53)

    9. Track 3 (15:23) Melchizedek

    10. Track 4 (01:51)

    1. Session Overview

    2. Conversation with Melchizedek (36:41)

    3. Complete Class (59:09)

    4. Track 1 (41:58)

    5. Track 2 (15:13) Melchizedek

    6. Track 3 (01:58)

    7. Q&A Call - Track 1 (01:02:48) Unedited

    8. Q&A Call - Track 2 (01:03:19)

    9. A Co-creator's Ah-ha!

    1. Session Overview

    2. Complete Class (53:59)

    3. Track 1 (41:08) Lecture and Meditation

    4. Track 2 (10:06) Melchizedek

    5. Track 3 (02:44)

We ARE the experiment

It has become absolutely clear to me that this body of information is not to be learned or memorized but lived and experienced. I am continually awed by what is being given to us. None of us could have guessed we would be here at this moment. I am grateful for your part in this creation. We invite you to play and continue this journey with us. The Archangels and Masters are again requesting your presence on this collective adventure to uplift yourself, humanity, and Mother Earth.