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In Their Words

“So much gratitude for ‘pointing’ us, all the tools, energetics, wisdoms, going that extra mile for us. Many of the sessions were a real ‘mind stretch’. Good for the soul. ”


“My gratitude washes over me often and I am excited to be where I am at every stage and was born curious.”

E. B.

“Something finally changed! Yes there have been so many little things but there was a barrier, a wall, a place I could NOT get thru, a choice I could NOT allow myself to make.... Then I saw things I NEVER noticed, never put together in that way, amazing! And yes it was quieter and more focused, more certain. The sound of silence keeps playing and I am safe and whole, sitting in here just enjoying being present with ME and not feeling bad about it. I've spent 60 years turning away from the lump of fears that became my troublesome self. I'm very pleased!”