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Every level gives you access to additional focused topic courses and live monthly classes that beautifully compliment and expand on what you’re experiencing in the programs.

Begin in Level 1 to build new foundations of a stable and balanced platform where you choose how you wish to experience yourself. Grow your core and step into Level 2 cleaning out and letting go of who you are not. Move into Level 3 and begin to rewire, realign and remember more of who you really are. Expand into Level 4 to connect into all that is building new awareness and setting up your Lightbody. Level 5 establishes and integrates in the first seven layers of the Lightbody. And that is just the beginning! Enjoy more courses and exploration beyond that as you begin to play in the Mastery level courses.

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Beyond the program courses, there are many additional classes to help you expand, dive deeper and work together to create a world you love to live in. Dive into each subscription and their courses below.

In Their Words

“Oh wow, I can continue on and on, how things are expanding, in the background it seems. I can write a really long letter of all neat expanding things occurring. But I’ll just say, “Amazing things happen when you can balance and align your energetics.”


“I am doing amazing! Even when I notice not so pleasant things coming up or I fall out of balance, the awareness of where I am allows me to see it and either just allow what is happening or to shift it. There is so much more allowing and ease in my space for myself and my family!”


“Of course I do get knocked down every once in a while, but the great news is that I know how to get through it. I use the tools I learned in MA to create some real changes. For example, I got involved in a bit of drama with a friend, and I was feeling awful. I woke up with a terrible headache after a few days of feeling this and at that moment I knew exactly how to change it. I used the 8th ray, the El Shaddai and the Holy Spirit to clear out the baggage. In the process I also reminded myself to use the rose - every day!”


“There is a constant peace inside of me. I noticed it last week. I actually sat here in my living room trying to figure out what was different. I think I was even looking for something to worry about or be ashamed of. I even said out loud to myself. I think this feeling is from playing with MA.”


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