Master the Energy Essentials

Level 1 Course

This course is designed to help you align and enhance your energetics. Be able to step into a room and not be pushed around. Hold a strong, energetic foundation as you rebuild your chakras, ground, and find balance from the center of your head. We share several powerful, yet simple, tools and increase your understanding and experience in working with your energetics.

This course will set you up to step into the next class, Core - Level 2 which further assists you to clean out old patterns, emotions and disempowering energy.

There are 7 audio classes, two Q&As, and instructional videos.
Lifetime access.

Course curriculum

    1. Hello & Welcome

    2. Support Info & Links

    1. Complete class (01:27:12)

    1. Complete Class audio (01:21:03)

    2. Practice - The Center of Your Head

    3. Homework for next week - The Rose Tool

    1. Complete audio (01:16:42)

    2. How You Think - Understanding the layers of thought

    1. Complete class (01:09:50)

    2. Animation of Your Field

    3. First Lecture and Energy Exercise (52:09)

    4. Second Lecture and Energy Exercise (14:07)

    1. Complete class (01:16:22)

Live Weekly 5-Part Course

You are more.

Explore. Experiment. Expand.
We are looking forward to exploring with you.