Re-create Yourself On Your Terms

Discover the 3 most important tools to deepen your connection to your internal wisdom to navigate life with greater ease.

  • The Rose

    The Rose allows you to distinguish between what emotions and thoughts are yours and what isn't. This gives you more freedom to choose what you want.

  • The Higher Mind

    Learn to stay in this quiet place that allows you to begin to observe without being affected by the noise of the world around you.

  • The 7 Living Words

    Discover how they allow you to create a balanced platform to experience graciousness and happiness as a way of life.

What's Included

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  • Integration Exercises & Applications

    Guided energy exercises to practice and integrate into your walking-around life. More than meditation.

  • In-depth Video and Audios

    19+ hours of instructional videos and audios in 10 chapters of self-paced instruction

  • Private Community Classroom

    Enjoy connecting with other students in a private community to ask questions, share experiences and brainstorm ways to use the tools.

What You Get in Level 1

Remember, realign and rewire yourself.

  • Connect into your heart space to recharge and broaden your smile.

  • Reduce the noise, navigate from your higher mind and understand how emotions and thoughts determine your experiences.

  • Interact more elegantly with others as you begin to define your own space.

  • Enhance your innate intuitive abilities and discover the geometrics of creating your own Personal Power Field.

Course Outline

online viewing and listening

    1. Hello and Welcome!

    2. Course Outline

    1. February 2024 Level 2 Live Call (01:14:18)

    2. Energy Essentials - Level 1 - Starts March 27

    1. 1 - The Power of Intention, Attention and the Law of Attraction

    2. 2 - Feeling Information, Distortions, Emotions, Thoughts

    3. 3 - Becoming Conscious of Being Unconscious

    1. 1 - What are Dimensions?

    2. 2 - What is Time?

    3. Question on clairvoyance - I don't see anything. (04:03)

    1. 1 - Thoughts, Emotions and Your Internal Guiding System

    2. 2 - How You Think

    3. 3 - More review and practice with the Center of Your Head

    4. 4 - Taking back your permission

    1. 1 - Discovering Grounding

    2. 2 - Building Your Grounding Cord

    3. 3 - Review and Expanding on Grounding

    4. 4 - Practice by yourself or with a Partner

    5. 5 - Creating a New Point of Reference

Level 1 - Building New Foundations